The Family Recipe Place : Curt's Delectable Stuffed Breakfast Portabello Mushroom Recipe

Aug 21, 2012

Curt's Delectable Stuffed Breakfast Portabello Mushroom Recipe

What you will need:
Portabello Mushroom Caps
1 Can Of your favorite Pizza Sauce
Fresh Garlic
Eggs 1 Per Mushroom Cap
Bread Crumbs (Vigo Italian Style)
Olive Oil
Deli Cheese Your Preference, I used Garlic infused Cheddar Amazing!

Wash your Mushrooms Thoroughly.
Fry Garlic and mushrooms in olive oil. Garlic till slightly browned and take the garlic out of pan.
Mushrooms until tender.

Top with Vigo Bread Crumbs Then Pizza Sauce.
Cook Eggs to your liking, scrambled, poached, sunny side up.
Top with Cheese and add to the mushroom.

These were so delicious for breakfast today!


  1. Man, I could definitely eat this for breakfast(and for lunch or dinner, too!). I'll take mine with scrambled eggs.

  2. Thank you so much for following on Twitter! I am so glad to have the pleasure of reading your blog, the recipes are mouth-watering. Happy cooking! :)

  3. We love eating stuffed portabello mushrooms too. Your super-cheesy version look very delicious!

  4. Wow, oh wow! I agree with Lizzy...I could eat this amazing stuffed mushroom any time of the day, and eat one the next day...and the day after that. Yumm xo

  5. Dear Curt. A wonderful breakfast and very healthy. Blessings dear. Catherine

  6. Oh my goodness, do I ever love stuffed portabellos and your recipe is awesome Curt!

  7. DUDE, I am falling in love :D


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