The Family Recipe Place : Curts Delectable Bolognese Sauce

Jul 28, 2012

Curts Delectable Bolognese Sauce


  1. Great recipe. Like the look of the blog. Glad to see you are following in your mom's foot steps. I know she is proud.

  2. @Greg thanks so much for your comments appreciate your compliments!
    @Christine.. thanks we were happy with the outcome hope you like it!

  3. this is just the perfect sauce. Simple and delicious so very Italian!

  4. I am so lucky to have actually been a taste tester for this one! I can only say this was quite different than the ordinary tomato sauce, filling, flavorful and certainly would want to make this again and again... nice job Curt ... you aced this one!

  5. Curt,
    I've got to try your Bolognese since you've got some ingredients that I don't include in mine (it's much more basic). So I'd like to try yours with the wine and the spices . . . I'm sure that it will win my heart!!!! Thank you so much!


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